Thursday, February 2, 2012

Video Production and movie making in EFL classroom

In the world where new techologies are "in power" it is possible and quite likely to use them for teaching purposes especially in EFL settings. Student-produced videos can be an excellent EFL/ESL learning activity. This activity differs from he other ones because the learner participate in video making process in variety of ways. Nowadays, when we have relatively advanced digital video technology ,EFLlearners have many opportunities to cerate their own videos on a specific topic given by the teacher or the topic which they are interested in. Maybe for the first time it would be better let the students choose their prefered topics to avoid feelting them uncomfortable with a the new stuff and letting them have fun with it. Moreover, due to decrease of the cost of video hardware and other neccessary tools it is relatively easy to have many students involved in creating videos and movies for learning purposes. It's not a secret that young generation or how we call it "digital generation" is fond of  new and advanced tools and it goes crazy about creating something new, intersting and attrective. So, having the EFL leraners develop and create their own videos will facilitate learning and teaching. Making videos is a powerful tool for teaching and learning from both the teachers and the students percpectives. Yooung students are inclined to tell about their family members, lovely pets, their schools and about every possible thing and event fron their life. So, with the help of video making tools the students can  make movies, use written and/or spoken language, hence improve their language skills. While designing and creating a video the student choose every single detail very carefully because there is a potential audience and they try to be the one who give creative and intersting solutions to the project of video production. 
I think learning and "having fun" simultaniously is one of the best ways for students to learn.

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